Sunday, February 22, 2009

Brendan - Story Idea

I decided to flesh out the "underpants idea" that I posted earlier. Some of the details I haven't quite worked out regarding characters, setting, etc., but I have a rough idea for the plot of the story.

There are four characters sharing an apartment in the city. I was thinking that it would be 3 guys and one girl. One of the guys is dating the girl and the two others are kind of resentful of her.

Anyways, the guy dating the girl is scheduled for an important job interview in a week. It's his dream job and he's really anxious about doing well so he starts sleepwalking at night and doing odd things with his underpants.

Each character would recount a different incident when they found his underpants in an odd place. In the first account, the underpants end up in a cooking pot in the dishwasher. The first roommate inadvertently ends up boiling the underpants with his pasta.

The second character finds the underpants on the towel rack in the bathroom and inadvertently dries his face with them.

The third character, the girlfriend finds all of her boyfriends underwear in her back pack when she gets to class.

Lastly, the story from the culprit explains how over the past three days he's been waking up naked in the bathtub. He's so confused and anxious about his upcoming job interview he's been sleepwalking.

I think the subtext would be that the boyfriend might actually be subconsciously getting back at his buddies for giving him such a hard time about the girlfriend.

I realize its all a bit silly but I think it would be better to chose characters who all have known each other for a while, that way their feelings toward each other would be much more nuanced.

Anyways, let me know what you guys think.

- Brendan

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